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Ten minutes agile whiteboard talk

Teaching the agile process
The entire agile team
Agile coach / Agile master
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A ten-minutes whiteboard talk on the agile framework to be used.


The agile coach or master gives a presentation using a whiteboard about the agile framework being used in the team. The presentation should last about ten minutes.


By keeping the talk short and simple, you are expressing agile at its mightiest by sticking to the point.


The agile coach or master and the team develop a common understanding of the agile process that is used.


Giving this talk releases creativity and improves people's facilitation skills. It is also a good warm-up activity for retrospectives, team workshops etc.


This whiteboard talk is suitable for new team members as well as experienced agilists. If people have already experienced agile work, the agile coach or master can start with "I am aware that you have some experience of working agile. Let's make sure we have a common understanding of this and get in sync on some issues." The talk may reveal different experiences of agile in the audience. Thus it can be the starting point for a discussion about what agile is at its core, and how and why it is being tailored within this team.




As an agile coach or master, practice your ten minutes whiteboard talk so that you can present it simply and reliably whenever and wherever you need to.

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