# Kudo Cards

By using Kudo Cards, people can express their gratitude very easily. Kudo Cards are a written and publicly recognize a colleague for something he/she has contributed to the team. The cards can be given cross through organizations, teams and departments. It is a transparent manner to mitigate hierarchical barriers and to encourage everyone to offer open feedback and to publicly show appreciation.

# Subject

Empower people/Appreciation

# Motivation

Kudo Cards are simple instruments to break the traditional hierarchical organizational systems. Receiving a Kudo Card can highly motivate and show appreciation. Studies have revealed that people are substantially more motivated by receiving an honest 'thank you' than a financial reward.

# Procedure

Order the Kudo Cards from the Management 3.0 website and put them on a free place within the team's space/organization, so that everyone can access them. The cards are categorized and can be written by anyone at any time. It's also nice to find a wall – the Kudo wall – where people can stick their received cards, in order to make them public and spread the 'appreciation–virus' through the entire organization.

# Facilitator

Agile coach/agile master

# Participants

The entire organization, agile teams, stakeholders, any department

# Results

Open feedback and shown appreciation

# Tools

kudo cards, a free wall within the working area/open space /whiteboard

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