# Role Model Canvas

The Role Model Canvas is a template that defines a role over eight fields.

# Subject

Agile Roles

# Definition

The aim of the Role Model Canvas is to visualize the individual roles in the team to define tasks and important properties, such as goals and decision-making authority.

# Motivation

A clear definition of roles is essential, be it at the start of the project or when assigning tasks within the team because it ensures security for those involved and serves to avoid potential conflicts.

# Benefit

The agile roles must be defined very clearly so that people can work well together on the same goals. Once the roles are taught and lived, people will fill them completely.

# Procedure

In the header area of the canvas, you should define the project and the name of the role to be considered. In the middle of the canvas, you will find the "Goals & Mission" field. Here, you write down the purpose of the role. If you cannot state any goals for the role, you should seriously ask yourself whether the role is even needed. On the right, you will find the primary tasks. Note the primary activities of the role here. Be careful not to get into too much details. In the "Responsible and Decides" field, note what this role is responsible for and where and when it has to make decisions. Right next to it, you will find the "NO" field. Here you see what the person in this role shouldn't do. This helps to clearly delimit the role to be defined. The "Tools" field is located between the "Mission and Primary Tasks" fields. Describe role-specific communication channels, communication tools and work equipment here. In the "Support" field, note from whom the role needs support from or who the role actively supports. Proceed in a similar manner in the field of information transfer: Describe with whom the role should share its knowledge and when, and how the exchange of information is regulated. But also make a note from whom the role receives or should receive information from and when. Finally, there remains one more field "Notes". This joker field is a placeholder for anything that does not fit into the other categories.

Source: https://www.projektmagazin.de/artikel/das-role-model-canvas-rollen-schnell-und-gemeinsam-definieren_1108534

# Participants

The entire agile team

# Results

A clear definition of roles

# Tools


# See also

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