# Change Management Game

The Change Management game is a method to design, share and bring awareness for good change management processes.

# Subject


# Motivation

There can be many occasions and triggers for change management. The need to change arises in very different areas of a company. Change projects are initiated when the company has reached a strategic turning point, when it is innovative, introduces new technologies, needs to save costs, suddenly experiences strong competition or needs a cultural change or even a change in leadership styles. We live in a time in which technologies, markets and working methods are changing rapidly. The reasons for this can partly be found in the unbelievably fast development in the IT area.

# Procedure

The facilitator triggers the participants to imagine four areas of the 'change': The individuals, system, interactions and environment. The game is about questions only. These questions from the 34 question-cards enable participants to self-reflect and to introspect. Questions make contemplate certain things and often into topics that we don't want to discuss or things that we've been avoiding or trying to ignore. Participants are asked to cluster in small groups and to answer the questions from the given cards. They have to tell their change experiences/stories to the other participants and implicitly raise awareness for their decision taking and way of dealing with the change. The game is suitable when project managers, leaders of all types want to reflect for themselves, when companies and teams start a new project, during the agile retrospectives and just for sharing experiences with others.

# Facilitator

Agile coach/agile master

# Participants

Managers, stakeholders, Product Owners, agile coaches, HR department, board members (optional) and every person that has a leadership role

# Tools

Flipchart/whiteboard, change management game and cards

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