# Celebrity Interview - Liberating Structures

# Subject

Empower people/facilitation

# Definition

Liberating structures are a set of creative methods that trigger inventiveness by structuring the way in which we interact while liberating content or ideas. They also represent a very dynamic facilitation method for multiple meetings and can be used by the agile master/coach.

# Benefit

By using the liberating structures "Celebrity Interview", the facilitator creates a connection between an expert/leader/management/stakeholder and an audience/teams. Boring lectures and PowerPoint presentations are avoided and every individual is engaged by asking questions. Another benefit is that such a format brings big concepts to life by using stories that are developed during the workshop. With a well-designed interview, you can turn what would otherwise be a passive, often boring presentation into a story telling that is entertaining and provides valuable knowledge to the audience.

# Procedure

A celebrity (a manager, stakeholder, project sponsor, the CEO etc.) is invited to let go of his/her formal presentation or speech and answer the difficult questions that are on everyone's mind in an informal "talk show" format. People are invited as audience that is writing down questions for the invited celebrity. The facilitator welcomes and introduces the celebrity and topics to be discussed. The facilitator asks questions that the audience would probably ask (both humor and gravity are appropriate). Afterwards, the participants are invited to generate additional questions in a 1-2-4 conversation and then on cards. The facilitator visualizes the cards, looking for common aspects and by asking the celebrity additional questions. The facilitator makes closing comments and thanks the celebrity.

# Facilitator

Agile coach/agile master

# Participants

Managers, stakeholders, project sponsors, board members (optional or if they are the interviewed celebrity), agile teams

# Tools

A room with multiple chairs

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