# Story Cubes

Each story cube shows a unique symbol on each side. The original story cube set consists of nine cubes and 54 different symbols that can be used to generate new stories over and over again.

# Subject

Team Start-up/Team identity

# Benefit

Releases creativity and extends people's moderation skills. It is also a good warm-up activity for retrospectives, team workshops and so on

# Procedure

The Story Cube game works very easily. When it is a player's turn, he/she rolls the dices. Then he/she has to try to tell a story that reasonably links all the symbols rolled - that's it. There is no winner or loser, but there are plenty of colorful stories that children and adults can enjoy. New combinations of the 54 symbols always result in new stories. You can decide about the amount of the dices for each story. For example, the facilitator can ask each team member to roll the dices once, afterwards choose four dices and make up a story about the last sprint, using the symbols available.

# Facilitator

Agile coach/agile Master

# Participants

(Agile) teams, stakeholders, the entire organization

# Tools

Set of Story Cubes

# See also

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