# Constellation

The constellation exercise can be used during team start-up phases and in agile retrospectives. It enhances a dynamic space where team members get to know each other and have a little fun together.

# Subject

Empower People/Team start-up

# Motivation

This method helps to reveal the different beliefs of team members, the way they will interact and what they will or won't accept. This exercise builds a strong basis for moving forward into becoming a self-organizing team.

# Benefit

Empowering people to think outside the box and reflect about themselves.

# Procedure

The facilitator puts an object on the floor. This can be any kind of object and represents the center of the constellation/universe. Then, the team forms a circle around this object. The facilitator continues to read out some statements aloud while the team members will move closer or further away from the object, depending on how true/false the statement is in their view. If someone totally agrees with the statement he/she will move himself/herself directly next to the object. The strength of the true or false state determines the person's distance relative to the object placed on the floor.

# Facilitator

Agile Coach/agile Master

# Participants

The entire team

# Tools

Flipchart/whiteboard/any random object

# See also

Lyssa Adkins, 'Coaching agile teams'