# Decision Poker

With the method "Decision Poker" managers and teams can decide on the method how decisions are taken.

# Subject


# Definition

The card game "Decision Poker" by Kurswechsel helps teams to understand what different ways of decision making exist, what their strengths and weaknesses are. Then, for a given situation the team decides what way of decision making is suited best.

# Motivation

In our complex and fast-paced world it is important that teams themselves can take proper decision in the best reasonable speed: as fast as possible and at the same time as diligently as necessary.

# Benefit

"Decision Poker" lets the team collectively learn about different decision making techniques and conciously decide on which way of decision making might be the best in a given situation.

# Requirements

# Procedure

In the beginning, each participant gets a set of decision poker cards. Then, the facilitator explains the seven different ways of decision making. After answering any open questions, the game can start. All participants can bring their own specific situations which are written down and ordered. For each single situation those steps are taken:

  1. The faciltator or participant explains the situation
  2. Questions regarding the situation are clarified
  3. All participants secretly chose the for their preferred way of decision taking
  4. Only after all participants have chosen their cards, the cards will be flipped around simultaneously
  5. The facilitator helps to discuss the differences as well as similarities in the cards chosen
  6. If rules for future decision making situations in the team can be extracted, then this is defined and documented

# Participants

Agile coach/ agile master / stakeholders / managers / the whole agile team

# Results

A way of decision making to use in a specific situation.

# Tools

Decision poker cards

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