# Journey Line

A journey lines describes a person's professional journey. Its starting point can be as far into the past as the person wants.

# Subject

Empower People/Team start-up

# Motivation

Unleash and utilize the wisdom of everyone in the group, raise motivation, engagement, feeling of responsibility and collective ownership.

# Benefit

Each person can introduce himself/herself to the other team members. Deeper and more personal connections arise among team members.

# Procedure

After everyone has completed sketching their own journey lines (approx. 10 min), each person presents his/her own to the rest of the team. The audience takes notes about important aspects like the presenting person's skills, interests, experiences which can be set up for the upcoming work together.

# Facilitator

Agile Coach/agile Master

# Participants

The entire team

# Tools

Whiteboard/flipchart, sticky notes

# See also

Lyssa Adkins, 'Coaching agile teams'