# Value cards and value book

# Subject

Empower people/Team Start-up/Team identity

# Definition

Core values: The values that come to people by nature. They are anchored into his/her mindset or culture and lead to his/her authentic behavior. Wish values: The ones that we aspire to have but they do not come naturally to us. It is about who we want to be and dream to become in the future.

# Motivation

This activity allows people to go inside themselves and to understand their inner world as human beings. This is highly needed when teams commit themselves to common goals and sets the stage for the team's success.

# Procedure

From a set of 20 value cards, for example, the entire team discusses the meaning of each card to align about the understanding and the card's meaning. Afterwards, the facilitator draws a flipchart with two categories: 'Core Values' and 'Wish Values'. Each team member is invited to post his/her own values to the two different categories on the flipchart and open up for a value-based discussion. After everyone has done this, the facilitator invites the team to write down its first 'Team value book'. The left book page has the title 'Team Values' and the right book page is called 'What do we need to fulfill/live them?'. The team is allowed to agree on ten values for each book page. At the end, the facilitator asks the team for feedback about the value discussion.

# Facilitator

Agile coach/agile master

# Participants

The entire team

# Tools

Flipchart, whiteboard, sticky notes, cards

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