# The Agile Logbook

The Agile Logbook keeps track of thoughts, ideas, agreements, disagreements, ones thinking mode, something that one is happy/angry/sad about, issues, problems etc.

# Subject

Empower people/ Team growing

# Motivation

Serves to reflect on oneself and others with the aim of improving teamwork through personal development.

# Benefit

During the retrospective, the logbook can serve as a good mind refreshing instrument. And it helps the agile coach to continuously determine the team status and actual mood. Since the principle of lifelong learning also applies to both professional and private life, it is deemed appropriate to transfer this concept to agile project management. The logbook can also be used as a valuable memory after team members have left the project.

# Procedure

The agile coach/master brings up the idea to introduce an Agile Logbook to the team and explains them the aim and benefits of keeping and tracking a logbook. After commitment by the team, the Agile Logbook is placed at a visible location within the team's open space to make it available to everyone at any time.

# Facilitator

Agile coach/agile master

# Participants

The entire agile team

# Tools

An A4 notebook, sketchbook