# Twenty minutes agile whiteboard talk

Agile coach or agile master can provide a short whiteboard talk that guides the team regarding agile framework to be used: 20 minutes -> delivery should be simple and credibly anytime, anywhere.

# Subject

Teaching the agile process

# Definition

Bringing up tools/methods like Lean, Extreme Programming, Human Centered Design, Design Thinking etc.

# Motivation

Agile coach or agile master and team gain a common understanding about the agile process, which they will use.

# Benefit

Releases creativity and extends people's moderation skills. It is also a good warm-up activity for retrospectives, team workshops etc.

# Procedure

If people have already experienced agile work, the agile coach/agile master can start with "I am aware that you have already gained experiences in working agile. Let's make sure we have a common understanding of it and sync about some topics."

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/wD1LRb9OeEo

# Facilitator

Agile coach/agile master

# Participants

The entire agile team

# Results

A common understanding about the agile process, which the team will use.

# Tools


# See also

Lyssa Adkins 'Coaching agile teams'